Tuesday, November 18, 2008

My boys (Hope it’s not too saccharine)

OK. I’m sorry if you are tired of this subject, I know I already rave about my little family. I just felt like dedicating today’s post to my very sexy husband James and lovely little Blondie Bear William aka Liam.

James is truly my soul-mate. Although sometimes I can get short tempered, impatient, childish and even petulant he loves me unconditionally. I know without a doubt that whatever I need he will get for me. James will happily hop out of a warm bed even if he’s really sleepy, he’ll gladly go fetch my water bottle, glasses, my bag or the moon if I ask. (I believe this is totally fair because he can fall asleep at the drop of a hat and it takes me AGES especially if I have to get up.)

I believe am an intelligent, strong and perfectly capable woman yet I still like having my manly man do things for me. There are things I haven’t yet learnt that he has some idea about. The other day, for example, I realised the hard way how little I knew about cars AND they do in fact scare the crap out of me! James can patiently sit and fix something that I’ve lost my cool with and being Mr Fix-it also makes him feel ever-so manly.

James is an awesome Daddy and he’s really passionate about fatherhood and wonderfully involved in raising his sweet boy. He comes up with the cutest little “daddy son” games spydars was invented by James.

He makes me feel amazing about myself. I’m sure you’ve all heard “you’re only as old as the person you feel” James being five years younger than me surely keeps me young. I love the fact he can have a laugh. Let his gorgeous hair down and be silly.

And Liam WHERE DO I START? You started as my precious little Jellybeanu and have grown into a busy, funny, smart, caring little boy. I know mums are biased but it’s true that you are getting more and more adorable by the second!

You have already taught me so many things, you have given me my loud mommy voice to sing songs to you. You reminded me that splashing in the bath, spinning around till you are dizzy and blowing raspberries are super fun, that bugs/rocks/flowers/trees/cars/spider webs and fire are really cool to look at and you made me notice EVERY concrete mixer that passes us when we are in the car. Your radiant smile can brighten my day and a snuggle and kiss can melt my grumpy mood.

I’m incredibly blessed to have such amazing boys in my life.


Penny said...

That is a lovely post. :)

And I can relate to the concrete mixer comment!!

yodaobi said...

AAAW I hadn't even added the photos and you comented!


Mim said...

Gorgeous post for gorgeous boys :)

Once, when Adam and I had left the kids with my Mum and were away in the Hunter Valley with a bunch of friends (for a wedding), we were driving along with a car full of adults and found ourselves saying "Look! A digger!" as we drove past roadworks.