Saturday, November 15, 2008

Zeke's bleeding.

On the weekend I get to drive Zeke our little green toyota hatchback to and from work. I noticed the oil light go on half way to work and thought to myself that I should probably ring and tell James about it when I got to work.

I never made it (well in Zeke that is)

Zooming along the motorway in the fast lane (because my exit's on the right) it all turns to custard. I look at the temperature gage and it's hot. EEK! I notice the car is slowing down, all the warning lights come on and Zeke starts making quite a straining high pitched sound so I thought OK not going to make it, better pull over. The thing is, it's really hard to do so at 70kph when all the traffic on the other three lanes are zooming by at 110!!! Holding my breath I dodge three lanes Saturday morning drivers and make it to the shoulder and shakily ring James to save me.

"OH isn't there oil and water in the boot, can't you just top it up?"
By this time I'm pretty freaked out and cars are zooming by me so fast the little car is shuddering.
"I don't know how" I wail pathetically "I can't even get out of the car"

So poor pyjama clad James has to break his lovely Saturday morning routine of watching cartoons with his boy to come rescue me. William but up a MAJOR fuss, he wouldn't get his clothes on and protested passionately until James said "Mummy's car is Broken and we need to go SAVE her. She's frightened and crying." Well that got him in the car!!!

Da da-da da da-da-daaaaa McFadgen boys to the rescue!

Half an hour later with oil and water in the car we set off. James following in case something else goes wrong. I make it off the motorway to the first set of traffic lights. There looks to be SMOKE coming out from the engine. Hazards back on I gesture for James to come and he swaps cars with me saying it's probably excess oil burning off or something. So I jump in Moby (our nice White station wagon) with William and say "meet you at work"

FANTASTIC MOVE!!! Now I have NO BAG, NO PHONE and a 2 year old!

I circle the city block around AUT looking for signs of James and give up park and take William into work (arriving an hour late) James had actually PARKED Zeke in my work parking building and wasn't too far behind me entering the library.

I now have a stinking headache and still an hour left sitting at the information desk (Of which I've had 6 enquiries)

I'm still trying to stay away from pain killers (mostly) so popped out for a subway 6-Inch meatball sub and vitamin drink to try cure my inevitable stress Migraine and pop in to see how poor Zeke is... There is a rusty trail of water running about five car-spots from our poor car. After ringing James AGAIN he assured me that it was like that when he left it and I have to try put more water in it before I go home tonight. If LOADS of water goes in the leak is extensive if not it's just a small leak.

Fingers crossed.


aussiehen said...

Oh no not the Zekester!
I once had this happen to Mum's car while I was driving on the North Western, it was very scary.

Penny said...

Poor Zeke! I hope it's not terminal.

My jalopy hasn't had a grease and oil change for ages... should do something about that!

yodaobi said...

The thing is a fortnight before it happened to a friend of mine and I said to James... Next time you fill up the cars Please check the oil.

HE never got round to it.

The sensical view said...

Oh you're screwed. You may have cracked the engine in which case I hope home is downhill.